Nakesha Woods

The events Chloe experiences in the book are typical scenarios people witness in life that force them to either submit to God's will and direction or go about handling the situation in their own way.

-​Blair Townley

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WDBN Reviews

Every page keeps you wanting more as Chloe uses biblical principals to face her mind blowing, real world problems. She represents a modern day woman.

-Natrina Groce

All I can say is wow! This book is engaging, captivating, interesting and convicting! The word choices were so colorfully illustrated, I could literally see the events happening in my imagination. 

​-Loretta Morman

​​​When Your Dream Becomes a Nightmare

​WDBN is a novel about the life of Chloe Everheart, a young beautiful attorney who believes that after God, there is nothing more important than family. Her dream is to become a successful attorney, but a series of family crises jeopardize the success she’s worked so hard for. First, her parents announce they’re getting divorced after thirty one years of marriage, and then her teenage brother is arrested. She devises a plot to get him out of jail, but it blows up in her face and threatens her life. She finds herself at a crossroad and the decision she makes changes her life in a way she could have never imagined.