I Dream in Color​

I'm living in a place where all dreams come true and reality is but a dream. Where the word no is but a pause and a barrier is but a reflection in the mirror; a reflection of the inner most self. I call out to that image yelling words of hope, chanting scriptures of peace. This dream world stands incorruptible, impenetrable, unshakable.

When life's heartache tries to wake me, when negativity tries to break me, when self doubt frustrates me, the vision motivates me. Motivates me to see, feel, taste, hear and smell my own truth; the truth that says I cannot fail.

I dream in color. In the color of hope, for faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. I see the dream, I live the dream, for God Himself has given it to me.

-Nakesha Woods

Dreams Come True

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Nakesha Woods